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Homemade wreaths Homemade wreaths

Pat’s Wreaths

Pat Leffel, co-owner of Belvedere, loves to create hand-made wreaths. She finds wreath-making a relaxing hobby at the end of the day, and makes each new wreath unique and special. Her wreaths are on display throughout the supper club, and every one is for sale!


Pat also creates custom-made wreaths and is willing to create one based on your preference of design! When visiting Belvedere, be sure to look around for Pat’s Wreaths. Each one is beautiful, unique, and fun to look at!

Various crafts available

Locally owned and operated family business since 1977.


Take a look at our homemade craft items that we have for sale

Howard’s Walking Sticks

Howard Poeschel is a retired US veteran, who served in Vietnam. Now in the later years of his life, he spends much of his free time carving walking sticks. These beautiful hand-crafted walking sticks are for sale here at Belvedere, each unique and one-of-a-kind. Each of Howard’s creations takes on average about eight hours to make.


We sell a variety of walking sticks, from military-themed to holiday-themed, sports-themed to patriotic themed, and so much more. Be sure to check out Howard’s beautiful hand-crafted walking sticks when visiting Belvedere.