Belvedere Supper Club About


A brief history of Belvedere Supper Club

Dale and Patricia Leffel have always had a passion for serving good food and providing great service. In 1977, the couple moved to Marshfield, Dale’s birthplace. They fell in love with the area, and so decided to share their passion with Marshfield and the surrounding communities.

An idea of a restaurant for families and visitors came to their minds. They knew what they wanted to do: open up a supper club to serve the surrounding area.

After thorough searching for land for their new endeavor, they stumbled upon a few acres just a couple of miles north of Marshfield. They instantly loved the property and built the Belvedere Supper Club in 1984. Their dream at that time was just an open field. Thus the name Belvedere, or “open view,” was born.

After opening, Belvedere quickly became a local favorite and has grown over the decades to become an award-winning Marshfield institution. Dale and Pat have seen their dream take form and grow over the years. One constant at Belvedere over time has been high-quality food and excellent service.

 However, in this changing world, Belvedere has also kept up with a faster-paced society. Belvedere has added new menu items, improved communication, and technologies such as free Wi-Fi, all while maintaining their high-quality service. Over time, Dale says Belvedere has provided for many precious moments in his life, such as the wedding of his son, in which the reception took place right at the supper club.

Belvedere has created many memories for not only Dale and Pat but for thousands of people from the area. Weddings, parties, fundraisers, anniversaries, and so many more events have created lasting memories that will live forever in many hearts of our patrons.

When Belvedere creates precious moments, those moments become memories, and guests become family. Dale and Pat look forward to continuing the mission of Belvedere Supper Club for future guests to enjoy and make lasting memories - 2016 and beyond!